I didn't realize bridal portraits were more of a Southern thing than a northern thing...

I didn't realize that until I moved to Wilmington, NC 12 years ago. Up until that point I had run a small studio in a small town close to Charlotte, NC. I didn't get a lot of out-of-town brides. When I moved here and started shooting weddings again, I found out really quick that most brides from anywhere north of Virginia didn't even know what Bridal Portraits were. So, I set out on a quest to start educating people of the benefits of doing Bridal Portraits. I've compiled a list of reasons below on why you should definitely do them!

Reason #1

That dress probably set you back several hundred to thousands of dollars! Girl wear that thing more than once!! Bridal portraits gives you a chance to wear your dress other than just on your wedding day. You get a chance to really move in it and walk around in it like you would on your wedding day. If there's any that needs to be adjusted in alterations you will find out and be able to have it fixed before the big day!

reason #2

You will have the great opportunity of having your hair and makeup done completely like it would be on the day of your wedding. Then you can see what it looks like in photographs. If you want to make any changes you have the time to do that before the wedding day. And who doesn't like getting gussied up and looking like a princess??

reason #3

There are few things I love more at a wedding than walking into a reception and seeing a gorgeous, dramatic Bridal Portrait on display. This is one of the most important days of your life! Celebrate yourself! You made a huge effort to look this good LOL put yourself on display and let everyone see! Plus, you can give your mom and grandmother copies. They LOVE having them!

reason #4

Bridal Portrait Albums! Need I say more?? Have your photographer custom design an album with all your bridal portraits. This is a great way to display them all without having your face plastered on every wall in your home LOL! Plus, Bridal Portrait Albums make great gifts for parents or your partner!

reason #5

There are so many reasons to do Bridal Portraits! One thing is for sure, you will never regret doing them. You'll only regret it if you don't. Do all the things!! Do all the wedding things you can during this special time in your life. Most likely you won't be doing this again, so celebrate this time by taking advantage of every wedding opportunity you can!

Here at Terah Hoobler Photography, you can add a Bridal Portrait Session to any wedding package for only $250. It's an hour-long session in a beautiful location and you get 40+ images with printing rights.

If you're planning a wedding in Wilmington, NC or anywhere on the coast of North Carolina and want to schedule a Bridal Portrait Session then click the CONTACT link to get started!

OH, and one last thing...

Don't forget about your bouquet! LOL