A Whiff of Love: Jesse and Chase's Enchanting May Wedding at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, NC

Hey there, fellow romantics! Get ready to swoon as I take you on a journey through the intimate and flawlessly executed May wedding of Jesse and Chase at the breathtaking Airlie Gardens in the heart of Wilmington, North Carolina. Love was in the air, quite literally, as the couple exchanged their vows under a massive canopy of fragrant Jasmine – a scene straight out of a fairytale.

Picture this: A warm May afternoon, sun rays peeking through the lush foliage of Airlie Gardens, creating dappled patterns on the ground. The air was filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers, but none so captivating as the canopy of Jasmine that adorned the couple's ceremonial space. The delicate white blooms hung like nature's chandeliers, infusing the surroundings with an intoxicating fragrance that was both romantic and ethereal. It was as if Mother Nature herself had lent her touch to craft the perfect setting for Jesse and Chase's union.

As I witnessed the ceremony unfold, I couldn't help but be moved by the palpable love between the couple. Jesse's eyes shimmered with tears of joy as she walked down the aisle, her gown billowing softly like a cloud. Chase's gaze never left her, a mix of awe and adoration painting his face. Their vows were heartfelt and genuine, each word echoing the promises of a lifetime. Under the Jasmine-draped arch, they exchanged rings, sealing their love with a kiss that seemed to linger in the air along with the fragrance.

But let's not forget the meticulous planning that went into making this day truly magical. From the delicate linens that adorned the tables to the twinkle lights that illuminated the reception area as the sun dipped below the horizon, every detail came together flawlessly. It was evident that Jesse and Chase had poured their hearts into curating an intimate celebration that reflected their personalities and love story.

The reception was a whirlwind of joy and laughter. As the stars emerged in the night sky, guests danced the night away, celebrating the union of two souls destined to be together. The menu was a delicious blend of local cuisine and family favorites, leaving everyone's taste buds and hearts content.

As I reflect on Jesse and Chase's wedding day, I can't help but be inspired by the way they embraced every moment, cherishing not only the grand gestures but also the tiniest of details. Their love story unfolded under the fragrant embrace of Jasmine, a reminder that love, like the delicate bloom, requires care, patience, and the right environment to flourish.

To Jesse and Chase, may your journey ahead be as sweet and fragrant as the Jasmine that witnessed your vows. May your love continue to bloom and fill your lives with the same romance and enchantment that surrounded us all on that magical day in Airlie Gardens. Cheers to a lifetime of love, laughter, and countless cherished memories! 🌸🥂💖

VENDORS that made this magic happen...

Photography: Terah Hoobler Photography

Venue: Airlie Gardens

Planner: Avail Weddings

Caterer: Middle of the Island

Makeup: Danielle Forte Makeup

Hair: Lauren Hepler

Cake: Burney's Sweets and More

Rentals: Party Suppliers and Martha My Dear

DJ: Absolute Best DJ